Complex Learners struggle in a traditional classroom setting. They have trouble following directions, participating in a group, communicating, problem solving or making friends. They have learning differences that are difficult to diagnose and usually receive more than one diagnosis. Often children with complex learning profiles feel as though they don’t fit in at school or even at home.

Many Complex Learners are challenged to stay calm and organized in a busy environment. They may be anxious, distractible, rigid, loud or shy but also creative, clever, funny, passionate, and persistent. As this population continues to grow, we need to offer greater understanding and support in order to help Complex Learners reach their full potential.

The Wolf School is a nationally recognized private special education school for children with complex learning differences in grades K-8. This blog is for professionals, parents, and educators of Complex Learners. We hope to raise awareness, start a conversation, learn from you and share our own understanding, experiences, and tips.

For more information visit our website at www.thewolfschool.org. Follow us on social media!wolf_logo_850x52



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